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Charging Stations for eMobility

Charging stations for private, commercial and public purposes are one of our key competences.
In cooperation with our partners we develop useful concepts for the supply and billing of energy.


eMobility is no longer a thing of the future – the reach on electric cars is growing, dynamic driving is guaranteed, designs are getting more appealing and the active part it plays in environmental protection is applaudable. Added to this, the network of charging stations is continuously being expanded therefore becoming more and more dense.
We are playing an active role in this by delivering, installing and taking care of maintenance of charging stations for eMobility for you, your employees or your customers. Together we can support the shift form the use of combustion engines to the clean alternative of eMobility.

Choosing a Charging Station

General Information

Conventional power outlets should only be used if absolutely necessary!
Their shock-proof system is only suitable for loads to up to 16A and at the same t the absolute slowest method of charging your electric engine.
The faster the charging process, the more expensive the charging station.
Direct current (DC) technology is the most efficient way to transfer high amounts of power in a short amount of time. The charging station takes care of changing alternating current (AC,400V) into direct current, while also regulating the charging process itself. To make this process save and efficient a much higher technical effort has to be put in. This means an increase in cost and weight of a charging station using direct current in comparison to a device using alternating current.

Measuring and processing of power usage

Why we are pro external measuring
We believe the technology of charging stations is only in its first stages of possible development. Newer and more efficient generations will be released rapidly, with demands rising in the commercial sector especially.

If you buy a charging station now and connect it to your EDP system you are committing yourself to a long-term use of this particular station. What happens if the manufacturer closes down or you want to change your system?

For this reason we support the approach of external measuring right at the power cable using smart-metering devices. This way you stay flexible and are not dependent on measuring or processing technologies in your device. You yourself can decide which or how much of your data should be processed.

Direct or three-phase current?

Learn more about the different approaches

Wall-Mounted Charging Stations

Wall-mounted charging stations use minimal space, are affordable, safe and perfect for in- and outdoor parking areas. They are often used for private purposes but can also be found in commercial parking garages.

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Charging Poles

Charging Poles are mainly used in commercial or public areas. They vary depending on their use and location. Realisation of concepts for multi-purpose use is possible.

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The origins of our company are in development, delivery and installation of photovoltaic systems of different sizes. By working with the Enbekon GmbH, a specialized business with years of experience, your projects will be in safe hands.

Charging Stations

Installing charging stations for private, commercial and public uses is one of the central points of our work. In cooperation with our partners we develop useful concepts for the supply and billing of energy.

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