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Wall-mounted Charging Stations

Wall-mounted charging stations or wall boxes normally are affordable, space-saving, safe and great for inside use. Our alternating current (AC) devices meet a wide range of requirements. The simple but elegant design with its glass front fits perfectly into most surroundings.

We offer solutions ranging from 7KW/32A to 22KW/32A as 1- and 3-phase current devices. The charging durations are in the range of 4+ h and under, depending on the model of the car and the type of battery.


Our 1-phase current 7kW/32A wall boxes are a perfect fit for the use in carports und private garages.The included cable holder helps to keep everything organized. In most private garages no RFID card key system is necessary and therefore the devices are even more affordable.

Commercial uses

Hotel garages and other semi-public parking areas where

  • the average parking duration is more then 4 hours
  • charging stations are needed in multiple places
  • customer or employee service is a central element
  • offering chargers for e-mobility is good for the image
  • charging permissions must be checked (key or RFID)
  • simple way of billing, usable now and in the future, is needed

Infos & Services

In connection with our wall boxes we offer extensive services, making it easy for you to decide for a charging station made by Enbekon.

Price Information

Depending on equipment and output our wall boxes vary in price from 400,00 € to 2.400,00 € (inkluding 19% sales tax).

To receive a specific offer please contact us, so we may work on a solution tailored to your needs and prepare an fitting offer for you, including all details.

Gut zu wissen

eMobility charging stations must be registered with the energy providers for security and capacity reasons.

Before you buy the device please make sure if this is also the case for your provider by telling him the details of your charging station (have your data form ready if needed)

Since charging stations require an increased supply of power, especially if multiple stations or stations with a high output are connected, the energy provider may charge building cost subsidies. In some cases these may be unpleasantly high.


Our devices are certified by valid European standards for charging and safety and equipped with IEC 62196 type 2 connectors. This applies to the general and valid EU standards since 01.01.2017.


  • CE Marking
  • EN 61851-22 – Electrical equipment of electric road vehicles – Electric vehicles conductive charging system

You will receive all certificates and attestations of conformity with the offer for your personal charging station.

Charging Durations

Charging durations vary with the output of the device and the batterie’s capacity.

Installation Service

Electrical installations must only be done by trained professionals!

Next to configuration and delivery, we also offer installation and commissioning of your device by our qualified master service.

This way the service comes from the same company as your device, is timed with the delivery and installed by our trained professionals – and all of this for an affordable package price. If desired please add this to your inquiry.

Other technical details

Because of the variety in wall boxes, we will supply you with all other technical details about your particular device in the corresponding data form.

May we assist you with your project?

Simply contact us and we will supervise your project from the beginning to the end upon request. From planning to installation and maintenance of your project, you can count on our assistance. We can’t wait to work with you.

You are a specialized company and wish to join us? Please contact us via the contact form as well. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss further details.

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Charging Poles

Charging Poles are mainly used in commercial or public areas. They vary depending on their use and location. Realisation of concepts for multi-purpose use is possible.