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The best reasons for buying a photovoltaic system system

Wanting to buy a photovoltaic system is advisable for many different reasons. The first one coming to mind is the long-term protection of the environment. Generating energy right where it is consumed in a clean emission-free way, is the most effective way of being environmentally conscious. But recently economic reasons have become apparent again as well. These are the main criteria – divided into private and commercial energy consumers – to help you make your sustainably correct decision.

Private Energy Consumers

Reasons for buying a PV system as a private consumer:

  • Active and sustainable protection of the environment
  • Reduction of power costs (less power from other sources)
  • Long-term non-changing energy price
  • Less energy dependency
  • Providing charging stations for eMobility with own power
  • Long-term investment (selling energy state subsidised)
  • Upgrading your home

Investing in photovoltaic has become attractive again. Especially now, with interest rates being at a all time low, photovoltaics are paying off. The feed-in of power has been guaranteed by the state for the next 20 years and is therefore secured. Returns of between 3 and 9% are possible with PV.

Commercial Energy Consumers

Reasons for investing as a commercial consumer:

  • Emission free energy production for on-site and feed-in purposes
  • Play an active part in environmental protection
  • Offer charging stations to your employees and customers
  • Ensure a long-term, stable energy cost
  • EEG energy price reduced up to 60% for systems > 10 kWp
  • Earn more money by selling power locally
  • Receive attractive returns and tax and image advantages

Optimize the advantages of a photovoltaic system by combining its use with a CHP plant we created specifically for your needs. This way you can produce enough power and heat to make your company fully energy-independent.

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