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Is it reasonable to rent a photovoltaic system?

There are different reasons for renting a photovoltaic system. Here we have listed the most important ones for you – divided into private and commercial consumers.

Private Energy Consumers

Reasons for renting as a private consumer:

  • High usage of power during the day at a high cost per kWh
  • No equity capital needed
  • No need to take up a loan
  • The lessor carries all the technical risks
  • Unchanging energy prices
  • Protect the environment without making a huge investment

It is possible for family members or friends to invest in a photovoltaic system and rent it to a private user. The investor will receive tax benefits this way.
Details should be discussed with the tax-consultant of your confidence.

Commercial Energy Consumers

Reasons for renting as a commercial consumer:

  • Sustainable energy supply, no investment
  • Actively contribute to the protection of the environment
  • EEG apportionment reduced up to 60% for PV systems > 10 kWp*
  • The lessor carries all the technical risks
  • Archiving a stable and long-term price for energy
  • Co-workers (or family) invest and rent out to the company

* In accordance with the EEG (law for renewable energy), each kW generated by a PV roof system used by the company, the full price defined in the EEG (2017 = 6,880 Cent/kWh) has to be payed to the state, if the PV system does not belong to the company. If the system is rented by the company it can be classified as a system owned by the company under certain circumstances. In that case only a reduced price (2017 = 2,752 Cent/kWh) must be payed. This way your cost for energy is reduced by about 4 Cent/kWh.

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How can I rent a photovoltaic system?

Simply contact us and we will supervise your project from the beginning to the end upon request.
From planning to installation and maintenance of your project, you can count on our assistance. We can’t wait to work with you.

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Buy a PV System

Here we have listed the main reasons for buying a PV system for you, so you can make a sustainably correct decision.