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Power Direct Marketing

More money from EEG systems with no added effort
Power Direct Marketing

Market Power from your own Production

New Systems

New systems with an installed capacity of 100 kW and over are obliged to use direct marketing.

New Systems

commissioned after

Existing Systems

Existing systems have the option to switch to directing marketing and generate attractive additional revenues.

Existing Systems

commissioned before

  • Just as a farmer can market his potatoes, owners of EEG-/CHP systems can marked the power they produced.
  • Here, the power is not sold to the network operator but to the direct marketer.
  • Due to the statutory regulations, the system’s operator faces no financial risks, only added revenues.
  • Your advantage: We guarantee a higher revenue than the EEG remuneration.
Power Direct Marketing

Market Bonus Model

Where is the difference to the EEG remuneration?

  • We market the power on behalf of the system’s operator
  • Market value (exchange price) and the added market bonus always are at least as much as the EEG remuneration
  • Guaranteed extra bonuses in direct marketing mean permanent additional proceeds

Is Direct Marketing really worth it?

Our profit calculator will show!

Direct marketing is economically viable and pays of in comparison to the politically regulated feed-in remuneration.

This does not only apply to new systems, entering direct marketing is also profitable for already existing systems.

Direct marketing can be used for systems with excess power feed-in as well as self-consumption of power.

As of 01.01.2016 direct marketing is compulsory for all systems of 100kW and above.

Power DIrect Marketing

Legal Obligations

strom direct marketing verpflichtung
  • As of 01.01.2016 the use of direct marketing is compulsory for all new systems over 100 kW.
  • To all systems over 500 kW this has already applied since August of 2014.
  • This means, every affected new system has to be equipped with the adequate measuring and transfer technology, so that direct marketing via a marketing partner is possible.
  • If this is not complied with, the EEG feed-in remuneration decreases significantly
Power Direct Marketing

Is Direct Marketing complicated?

NO, on the contrary – three easy steps to direct marketing:

Calculation of your
added revenues

1. You may start our online calculator by using the button “calculate revenues” at the right side of the page.

Conclusion of the

2. Analog structure to your private electricity supply agreement.

Only the other way round – you are being paid for your electricity.

Ihrer Anlage

3. Together we will find the perfect control box for you. This is necessary for the communication between the system and us.

If you already have a control box, we will of course use that instead.

And there you go. Your direct marketing with the EnBW has begun and you have become part of the virtual power plant, a network of power plants which are producing renewable energy.
Power Direct Marketing

Your Advantages

Sample Calculation

Biogas CHP Plant

output: 340 kW
production: 2.380 MWh/a

added revenues to
EEG remuneration:

3.378,60 €/a

PV System

output: 590 kW
production: 578 MWh/a

added revenue to
EEG remuneration:

1.407,60 €/a

  • Maximum efficiency:
    Revenues of direct marketing are always higher than the EEG remuneration
  • Optimal service portfolio:
    System optimization and ability to combine with other EnBW energy solutions
  • EnBW as a long-term partner:
    Security for the future and preparation for the time after the regional EEG marketing.
  • Be part of a strong network:
    EnBW, an experienced direct marketer (EnBW direct marketing portfolio: 4.700 MW)


The origins of our company are in development, delivery and installation of photovoltaic systems of different sizes. By working with the Enbekon GmbH, a specialized business with years of experience, your projects will be in safe hands.

Charging Stations

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Energy Projects

Available shortly: interesting investment projects in the sector of combined heat and power (CHP) in Germany. ROI in under 10 years, IRR over 11% per year. Register here so we can inform you as soon as this sector is active…

Power Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is economically viable and pays of in comparison to the politically regulated feed-in remuneration. This does not only apply to new systems, entering direct marketing is also beneficial for already existing systems. Is it really worth it? Our profit calculator will show!

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Learn more about our sector of General Contractor (GC) for Construction for private and commercial customers. Your network of partners for the ready to use construction or expansion of commercial structures or investment projects.

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