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Wood gas CHP projects

Wood gas power plants show an alternative to traditional supply concepts and produce energy locally, using 100% renewable resources. The technology we use in our projects converts natural waste woods into 3 new products: power, heat and biological activated carbon. The latter can be used for soil conditioning, where it provides nutrients longer and traps CO2 for millennia, instead of releasing it into the atmosphere.

Enbekon is investing in wood gas CHP systems

Enbekon KWK Anlagen GmbH is a subsidiary company of Enbekon GmbH, specializing in wood gas CHP systems (combined heat and power plants). We are investing in your area,by constructing wood gas CHP plants and operating them in an environmentally friendly way, using locally available, renewable resources (residual wood from forestry, landscaping, roadside greenery, etc.). The new cutting-edge floating fixed-bed technology revolutionized the process of generating energy from wood! The innovative and highly efficient BECCS* wood gas power plants made by our technological partners, produce heat, power and valuable, biological activated carbon, instead of ash. The latter can be used in agriculture for soil conditioning, for water purification, as an additive for animal feed or as charcoal for barbecuing.


Quiet, clean, efficient and free of fine particulates

We are a supplier for locally produced, renewable energy from particulate-free wood gas CHP systems and are helping to replace old coal-fired power plants and systems relying on oil, which are producing enormous amounts of CO2 and fine particulates and are depleting fossil fuels..

The noise emissions are so low, that they meet even the strictest of requirements, so that the systems may also be operated in residential areas and mixed-use zones. The activated carbon is transferred as a moist granulate and filled into sealed Big-Bags. This system does not use wood combustion, the process of gas production and conversion into power isn’t creating smoke or unpleasant smells. The process of power conversion also emits less CO2 than the amount that is converted into oxygen during the lifespan of the used biomass.

We care about an active contribution to the energy revolution!

Low space-requirements

Our wood gas CHP systems sized up to 500 kWel have very low requirements for space. With the systems base area being about 35 m x 15 m and a necessary sealed area for maneuvering and handling in front of the dry boxes and the charcoal Big-Bag station, a lot size of about 780 m² is sufficient.

We favor plots of about 1.000 – 1.500 m², to have some extra floor space. But we are also interested in larger areas of up to 5.000 m².

The Benefits

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Power usage

Our wood gas CHP systems are producing baseload electricity, which is available around the clock and in 50 Hz quality. Depending on regional conditions, the power is either sold locally or supplied to the distributing system operators according to the EEG market integration model. Even with more and more efficient consumer technologies, the demand for power will continue to increase, especially due to the expansion of e-mobility.
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Heat usage

Our locations are chosen carefully, to enable a direct supply of heat for the heating or cooling systems of local customers. Production processes, depending on certain temperatures, can also be reliably served by a wood gas CHP system. Feeding the produced heat into existing local or district heating networks is also an option. We can assist you in expanding these networks as well.
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Activated Carbon

The wood gas CHP plants, made by our technological partners, produce activated carbon as a by-product. It very high quality and can therefore be used in the production of Terra-Preta (black earth), as an additive to animal feed (stabilization of digestion) or as prime charcoal for barbecuing. Depending on the used wood chips, the average amount of carbon contained in the charcoal is at about 80%. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) can only be found in trace amounts. The “European Biochar Standard”, developed for vegetable charcoal, allows an amount of four milligrams per kilogram of dry mass to qualify as prime quality.

Our charcoal contains significantly less than that!

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Addition of regional value

Our wood gas CHP systems solely use residual wood from forestry, broken off by storms or damaged by infestations, as well as wood from landscaping and roadside greenery. The resources are always acquired regionally or even locally. Many municipalities as well as gardening or landscaping businesses have excess amounts of material, which we will gladly take, since it can be converted into valuable energy and usable biochar by our systems.

With the operation of our systems, the continuous demand for resources and the sales of power, heat/cold and biochar, we are contributing to the addition of regional value.

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The origins of our company are in development, delivery and installation of photovoltaic systems of different sizes. By working with the Enbekon GmbH, a specialized business with years of experience, your projects will be in safe hands.

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