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Stationary Wood Gas CHP Systems

Stationary wood gas power plants may be sized differently depending on the room available. Cascading systems are feasible with a multiple of 500 KWel.

Our service partner for stationary wood gas power plants has collected experience on the development, construction and operation of efficient, appropriate solutions, for many years. The overall costs of investment for a stationary wood gas power plant are dependant on multiple variables, which have to be discussed in detail during the projecting phase.

Since wood gas power plants produce a high amount of power and heat, our offers are directed at customers with a high consumption of both, which are mainly commercial users. Generally speaking, it is also possible for multiple private households to come together to operate a system. This is possible in different legal forms. We are happy to assist you in finding a qualified consultant for this option.

Stationary systems with 500 KWel / 1040 kWth

What makes operating a wood gas container system profitable?

  • High need for power and heat
  • Adequate free space to build ou or
  • Available building of at least 600 m²
  • Access for trucks to location/li>
  • Owning a forest or having a reliable partner for resources
  • Connection to power grid close by

Profitability of a Wood Gas Power Plant

The profitability of a wood gas system depends on many different factors, which have to be examined in detail and taken into account for planning. We are happy to discuss the details with you in person and look at the local conditions to calculate the profitability of your project. Using this data, we are able to realize a system customized to your needs.

Here is a quick overview of the general parameters for an operational and connected 500 kWel / 1040 kWth wood gas system and its business model:

  • Consumption of 1.200.000 kWh of the produced power per year
  • EEG direct marketing modell for excess power
  • Consumtion of 5.000.000 kW of available heat (and/or cold) per year
  • Excess heat used for drying wood chips or potentially sold to neighbouring companies
Investment (building not included)
approx. 2.300.000 €
available power p. A.
3.750.000 kWh
available heat p. A.
7.800.000 kW
Revenues from selling p. A.
approx. 357.000 €
power feed-in *
approx. 357.000 €
Annual Savings
approx. 442.000 €
internal consumption of power **
approx. 192.000 €
internal consumption of heat ***
approx. 250.000 €
Over all Costs p. A.
approx. 365.000 €
annual costs of operation
(inkluding wood chips, system maintenance, insurance, etc.)
rd. 365.000 €
Liquidity Surplus p. A.
apprx. 434.000 €

(Potential local sale of heat **** added 75.000 € and over)

  • * = at the EEG price of 0,14€/kWh (general amount of 2018
  • ** = At the current price for power of 0,16 €/kWh (EEG adjusted)
  • *** = at a cost of heat of 0,05 €/kW
  • **** = at a price of 0,05 €/kW for local consumers
  • Financing or tax aspects not included.
  • All given prices are net prices and exclusive of the added sales tax of 19%

Infos & Services

For our stationary wood gas power plants we offer some useful information, to make your decision for a system by Enbekon easier.

Price Information

For specific prices, please contact us,so we can prepare a turnkey offer tailored to your situation of requirements, construction and operation.

Thank you for understanding and being interested.

Other Technical Details

Due to the technical variety, we will supply you with all other technical details about your particular device in the corresponding data form.

Good to know

Before deciding to invest, a few measures, like checking the connection to the grid, must be taken. We will inform you about our offer in detail and guide you through the whole of the application phase until the completion of your system.

From your decision until the completion of your project please be prepared for 6-9 months of production, construction and commissioning.

Operating Periods

Our systems have been running for multiple years with almost no problems and exceeding the prognoses.

One of the reasons for this is us already including the maintenance cycles in our calculations. Generally, an annual period of operation of about 85% (approx. 7500 hours) is to be expected.

Installation service and Personal contribution

Since we offer our systems ready to use, we also take care of assembly and installation.

You may also take over parts of the systems assembly or installation yourself or include local professionals in this task. If you are interested in doing so, we are happy to coordinate this with you.

May we assist you with your project?

Simply contact us and we will supervise your project from the beginning to the end upon request. From planning to installation and maintenance of your project, you can count on our assistance. We can’t wait to work with you.

You are a specialized company and wish to join us? Please contact us via the contact form as well. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible, to discuss further details.

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Wood Gas Container Systems

Wood gas CHP-plant in container format. Systems up to 150 KWel, that don’t need an existing building.